I have in the past been very wary of being a perfectionist in creative endeavours. I find it leads to endless revisions and second guessing and generally NOT FINISHING THINGS. This is not a good way to progress as an artist because you never get to move on from a project and view it from a distance. With my K-9Lives series of animations which were 2 minute episodes created in 2-4 weeks each, I felt that I sacrificed quality a bit too much just to get them completed. However I learnt a lot from making (and finishing) those episodes.


Recently I decided to give myself some breathing room to let some ideas percolate and develop a bit slower with the plan to move forward on something once it was a bit more developed. Unfortunately this led to a LOT of procrastination.

Since my partner pointed out that I needed to FINISH something I have had a bug up my butt to get this Jack Astro film done. I’ve found that work actually breeds more work. I now have the seed of ideas for my next 2 films after this one (still have to concentrate on one thing though!) and also plans on how to expand the characters and world of Jack Astro into a serial episodic story (possibly for a comic).

So my advice for you is get that project you’ve been sitting on done, no matter what it is. Once you’ve finished it I guarantee you will have plans on what to do next and you can just keep that ball rolling.