Free BirdOld Vs New – This was the first ever Band Of One comic. Looking back at the date stamps on my Photoshop file suggests that this was first drawn in October 2011. So 3 and a half years have passed during which time I have worked pretty constantly on improving my art in some way or another. The last 18 months the website has updated 3 days a week without fail and that commitment to an UN-movable deadline has helped me to push and move forward with my art and especially writing¬† when I maybe would prefer to dither and procrastinate. 001 1I decided to re-draw that same comic in my current style – I think it is an interesting exercise and really made me feel good about where my art is going (this is an unusual feeling for any artist) The other reason I wanted to do this is I would at some point this year like to compile a book of the best strips from the site. While a lot of the earlier ones will not be included as I’m not so happy with the writing, some of them I still think stand up but I would like the artwork to match throughout the book. So the process of re-drawing old ones begins so that in a few months when I have enough material I can try launching a Kickstarter¬† to fund printing one. Hopefully the old strips re-drawn/touched up/coloured will add some incentive for fans to want a copy of the book as the new artwork will not be available anywhere else.