Art Rage Watercolour

Art Rage Watercolour concept art for a short animated film

Art Rage Watercolour – I recently bought a new piece of software, Art Rage. and first impressions are very positive. I’d tried the demo some time ago and knew that if I wanted to try digital watercolour painting that would be a good choice. It’s only £50 and the brushes are very realistic and so far seems quite intuitive to get natural looking results.

It has many features similar to photoshop such as layers and exports to many formats including .PNG and .PSD so you can preserve transparency and transfer to PS if needed. I am looking to get a style similar to Disney’s xeroxed movies (sword in the stone/101 dalmations) where the rough pencil line is in the finished art. Films like Ernest & Celestine have also influenced my decision to try a skecthy loose/watercoloured finish to my work.

I would like to develop a short with these characters in this style. I think the watercolour would give it a tremendous liveliness in animation.  Over Christmas I’ll try to get a test animation done in ToonBoom then finished in Art Rage to see how it’d look.