Happy New Year Folks!

2015 has been full of changes for me, moving back to Manchester, getting a long term contract at work and getting a mortgage on a house which firmly ties me down to one place (which I’ve been wanting for some time.) And the year ahead will bring marriage too. All very grown up.


So far none of this has got in the way of making comics 3 times a week – although perhaps I’ve not stretched myself as much as I’d like at times. When we come back on the 11th Jan we will be tying up the moving house story line from before Christmas and then you will see a change in the strip as I strive to improve the artwork. It is not a drastic change but I’m feeling confident with the new direction, and I hope you’ll notice the extra effort I’m putting into the strip as this year progresses. I am still amazed – looking back at the first strips – how far it has already developed and it gives me great encouragement to continue. I have received many kind words from readers of the comic which never fails to lift my enthusiasm further and I hope you’ll all join me for the ride in 2016. Thanks for reading.

Onward and upward!