So as everyone loves a top ten list on the interwebs I figured I would do a top 10 of my favourite Bof1 (Band of One) strips from 2015. It’s quite possible these 10 are the ONLY decent ones out of 150ish strips. But let me know your faves in the comments if they’re not on the list.

10. For technical prowess: Technical Difficulties
9. For cave-man Henry: Paleo Diet
8. For that pause in panel 3: Cat Lure
7. For brotherly cameraderie: The Brother
6. For depressing realism: The Real World
5. For mixing Indiana Jones and guitars: Don’t Look At It
4. For true ridiculousness: Talk About A Revolution
3. For use of the word Trapezoid: Groundbreaking Shit
2. For subtly referencing wanking: Left Hand Creativity
1. For simplicity: Your Fathers Lightsaber