Having just purchased a shiny new (well, second hand and slightly grubby) computer. I now have the power to record my desktop with Screen Sharing software without crippling the speed of programs and reducing drawing to an impossible task thanks to performance lag.

I’ve documented the creation of a recent comic strip and sped up the video so no one dies of boredom. I love seeing other people’s process videos so I figured it might be of interest to some. I like videos that have podcasts in them but although I have a face for radio, I unfortunately don’t have the voice to match. After umm-ing and ahh-ing through an awkward recording of myself I gave up. So I’ve decided to use it as a place to experiment with music. As you watch you will hear demos of ideas for songs as well as me just trying out some more generic soundtrack type music.

I hope someone out there gets something out of this and if you want to see more process and behind the scenes stuff let me know and I’ll try to record more. If you’re interested in which podcast vid’s I watch then search for Penny Arcade TV, Bobby Chiu Drawing, and Jake Parker YouTube.