Predictive-Text Poems

As you may have seen from recent comics I have discovered that my phone has been secretly writing thought provoking and evocative poetry by opening my message app in my pocket and trying to predict what my pocket is trying to type.

Because of the intelligence of the predictive text the writing flows in a somewhat coherent manner even though at it’s core it is UTTER gibberish. I first discovered these gems when I was looking through my drafts folder for something I’d noted down and wanted to refer back to – I saw the first line of this poem – “Henchmen brush up with these issues” – and wondered what the heck it was as I didn’t remember writing it.

Upon opening it I was entranced by the epic quality of the narrative and after a few seconds I realised what must have happened. I’d noticed my phone had un-locked itself a few times recently and was always trying to open apps and call people but I’d never seen it write anything let alone consider it’s message worthy enough to save it for later.

As I searched through my drafts I realised there more of these predictive text poems. A treasure trove of absurdity which I now check regularly for new instalments. Here’s one that didn’t make it into the comic strip…