Infinite Scroll Comics

Over the last couple of weeks I have slowly been re-structuring how my Jack Astro comics are presented. Having looked at Jason Brubaker’s SITHRAH on Webtoons (which is awesome and you should go read) it got me thinking about how nice a reading experience it was. I think the way a comic page is constructed puts a lot of would be readers off as it’s so dense. The way this and other comics on Webtoons are presented seems much better in pacing the story and keeping you hooked. I also listened to an interview with Scott McCloud in the Stripped Film documentary extra interviews which further convinced me to change the layout of the comics as they appear on-line.


Going forward I think I would even consider abandoning the concept of a “page”. Approaching the storytelling without the thought of a physical book could actually open up interesting avenues (Scott McCloud has been preaching this since the early 00’s).
So if you haven’t read any of the Jack Astro comics yet – now is a great time to jump in. And if you have, why not take a look at the new layout and let me know what you think.