002Force Awakens


So if you didn’t read the the post under the last comic you might be wondering where we’ve been. We are currently taking a bit of time off to prepare for our wedding and updates will be sporadic till we’re back from honeymoon. It has been very strange not updating 3X a week and I realise I was kind of addicted to the schedule. It has been good to disrupt it to get a little perspective and I think when we start back up there will be a different schedule which will be a bit more flexible. With my day-job in animation I’m never sure how busy I’ll be week to week and that has to come first as it pays the bills and these comics most definitely do not!

Tomorrow’s update will show how we’re planning on continuing for the moment. Basically I will take a week or two storyline and post it all at once. Since I think some people miss the story-lines or dip in and out, it will hopefully give people visiting the site for the first time more of an idea of what the strip is about. It also lets me off the treadmill of the update schedule and means when I feel like doing some work on a different project (like my Jack  Astro story) I can just follow the muse and not feel guilty about missing a comic strip that day.

So expect the same amount of content but less often and in larger satisfying chunks.  And if you want more regular art from us then head over to Instagram where I’m posting 100 Fan Arts, Weekly Sketch Club Drawings and various other things we’re working on.