If you follow Skottie on social media you will have seen his daily sketches in which he takes 1 hour out of his mornings to doodle something in pen & ink to warm up. Every one of these is so fantastic it makes me want to cry. He is best known for his Wizard of Oz series of books for Marvel, but his latest work is the first venture into fully creator owned stories. He has written and drawn eight issues of I hate Fairyland and I picked up the collected first six a couple weeks ago.

It follows the adventures of Gertrude who is stuck in fairyland until she can find the key to get home. Only she is terrible at this quest and has been stuck there for thirty years. Now she’s pissed off and hacks and slashes her way through fairyland with a giant battle-axe still desperate to get out.

Having waited with anticipation for this series I can say it does not disappoint. It is a no holds barred rampage taking story tropes from Oz, Wonderland etc and twisting them into the most cartoony violent and insane world you could imagine. Working in kids TV myself I can imagine the pent up rage that Skottie must have poured into this story and anyone who works in similar fields must surely appreciate this gag-reflex to cuteness.

Go follow him now – thank me later… www.skottieyoung.com