I'm Half Way Through my Jack Astro Science Fiction Comedy Comic book


Half Way Through

Wow, I’m half way through my Jack Astro comic book.

I’ve just had a rubbish day, but as I was updating my production spreadsheet it got a LOT better. I just noticed the measly two pencilled pages I did today took me to 50% complete on the whole story.

Considering I’ve only been working full-time on this for four weeks that’s pretty amazing. I already had 28 pages finished when I started in late December 2016. But I’m still pretty chuffed with the significant progress, and reading through the pencilled pages I can feel the story coming together nicely.

Just keep swimming (or drawing.)

If you’re interested in knowing about the spreadsheet, I found it through Jason Brubaker’s podcast. He had an interview with Kazu Kibuishi where he mentioned using it on the Amulet books. Although I think it was another episode where they made it available. I might make a blog post about productivity tips, and I’ll try to make this spreadsheet available. I’ve found this pretty helpful to keep a longer project on track.