Comics Writing Process

Defining Your Theme

In my last post I described my organic process of developing a story, and finding it as you go along. I wanted to elaborate a bit on what I mean by finding your story.

My comic is primarily a comedy so bizarre situations and snappy dialogue are my first priority. However after writing my first draft I knew that the simple framework under-pinning all these comedy antics had a deeper meaning. The more I thought about it, the more I recognised quite personal thoughts and feelings going into the story. Even though up to this point they had been altogether sub-conscious. I was channelling topics and themes I am deeply interested in.


So I thought to myself, can I describe this story as a metaphor for something biographical in my life.

Substituting things in the story for things in real life I was able to form a pretty simple parallel that at it’s heart was quite a personal story. If I keep this analogy in mind while writing it has the potential to bring an extra layer to the storytelling. And I might have missed that if I hadn’t tried to REALLY find the core of the story.


The tone of writing remains ridiculous and comedic. But I can now laser focus on finding humour in that core theme which will be relatable because it’s such a simple human experience. Hopefully that will be both funnier and more thought provoking as a result.

Having said all this – I might fail to hit such grandiose goals but I think it’s an important shift in mindset to how I usually approach fantasy/fiction. Hopefully it’s a sign I’m maturing as a storyteller. Try applying this approach to YOUR stories and let me know if you find it useful!