Getting Healthy

I’d like to recommend to anyone like me who sits at a desk all day and eats crap most of the time to go and check out The Body Coach. My wife bought his book and was talking about #leanin15 and I thought, “oh great – another fad diet.” She started making the meals from his cookbook and they were really nice! And plenty of food too. I didn’t feel hungry – and better yet I didn’t feel constantly tired like I usually do.


So I started to come around to the whole thing and read all the info in the book. His theories about nutrition make a lot of sense. In general he’s just cutting out ALL processed crap that we live on nowadays and I’m all for that philosophy.  The ideas and plans he doles out in his books are not new, but it’s presented simply and his meals take 15 mins to cook so it’s easy. So far this has taken almost zero willpower for me. I just feel BETTER than I did before so why wouldn’t I carry on. Plus I’m really noticing both weight falling off and now I’m doing the workouts too, lean muscle beginning to sprout!


This coupled with finding inspiration in the Crossfit Games has led me to getting back to a good level of fitness and strength and really wanting to keep up the progress.
I’m about 10 weeks through the 12 week plan and depending on how I feel about it I might post the before and after photos when I’m done. (although I might back out on that!)