Chapter 5 of Jack Astro Comic by Band Of One Comics Completed
Chapter 5 of Jack Astro Comic Completed
Another chapter finished and crossed off on my huge to do list for this comic book. I’m straight onto penciling pages for the sixth and final chapter of the story. 
This has been the most challenging project I’ve undertaken as it’s the most ambitious and longest story I’ve ever committed to drawing. Doubts are not just starting to creep in but rampaging through my mind and threatening to derail any progress but I know that I want to complete this book and then I can evaluate its success/failure from a good distance!
I know it’s the best thing I’ve ever made/the best thing I’m capable of making at this moment in time but that old artistic temperament just won’t let me LIKE anything I’ve created. Listening to podcast interviews with other artists at least lets me know I’m not alone in this weird feeling of futility. There’s something very wrong with me that I keep repeatedly punishing myself in this manner and continue to make things against all sane council. I’ve even got the next project waiting in the wings to take over my attention and enthusiasm. It’s the best idea ever by the way – until I make it… then it’ll be rubbish!
Anyway hope some folks are reading and don’t be put off by the ramblings of a twisted art fiend. I’m sure there’s some good in this story – I just need to let go of my hatred.