Puppy Vs Work Animated Short Film

I made this animated short film as a showcase for what my “studio” can do with a low budget and using remote freelancers for voice-over and sound design. 

Voice Actor

I met Tom Lewin in Manchester, he was an actor looking for opportunities in voice-overs for animation. Luckily I had my business card handy and told him to keep in touch as I had a short film I was planning. I had a feeling I could use a few little bits of voice-over if he wanted to contribute.    

This is the first time I’ve tried collaborating with a voice actor and Tom was great to work with. He had the facilities to record a decent audio track at his home studio and I was able to give him feedback. He was able to tweak the performance and I could suggest little bits here and there.


After showing the animatic and rough passes to some colleagues at work I was able to get some great feedback and suggestions. There were extra gags added and various small details like the clutter and carnage in the room. I also added the countdown timer before I locked in the final blocking. I animated straight ahead using a line-boil technique which gives the animation a lot of life and energy.

Sound Design

Then the search for a sound designer began. The first person I had in mind dropped off the project and I left the unfinished film burning a hole in my hard-drive for a while. A while later I randomly found a short film clip on Twitter with sound design by Matt Oglesby. A quick email exchange back and forth and he was on board to put the finishing touches to the project. Again very easy to work with and took all my feedback and suggestions.

Freelance Animator

If you are looking for a way to advertise your products or services feel free to get in touch to discuss any ideas. I will have some availability in March 2019 for several months in-between contracts on TV series so I will be looking for some short projects to work on.

I would dearly love to work on more of my own shorts like this, but time is not my friend. The next one might be Baby Vs Work since my wife and I are expecting our first any day now. I will shortly be knee deep in nappies but there will undoubtedly be more comedy fodder from the experience.