Henry Duke – Our hapless hero dreams of being a superstar animator or failing that a guitarist in a brit-rock supergroup. However reality is a cruel mistress and he works part-time at whatever job he can keep for five minutes. In the meantime his over-active imagination and delusions of grandeur keep him occupied and mostly harmless. Click on image for just Henry’s strips.

Jane Quinn – Henry’s girlfriend is every bit as practical as he is flaky. A career girl with high ambitions who has a weak spot for artful souls who dream big. A bit of a technophobe but she faces any shortcomings with such vigour and downright hostility that most things (even inanimate objects) bend to her will. Click on image for just Jane’s strips.


Brad Bird – Henry’s budgie reflects his owners penchant for imagination and delusion. Dreams of fame and a whirlwind romance with a global superstar after which he plans to hide-out in obscurity in South America. A belligerent bird who talks first and doesn’t ask for forgiveness. Given a modicum of talent in any area he could be wildly successful. But he’s happy to sit back and watch Henry fail. Click on image for just Brad’s strips.

Kahl – This stunted Senegalese mountain panther has wound up an adopted member of the family. Like’s the finer things in life and feels it is justly deserved. He is a sensitive soul in contrast to Brad and actually finds the joy and good in most people and things.  An eccentric through and through. Click on image for just Kahl’s strips.


Ralph – Lives a minimalistic life in search of true experience, travel and rock super-stardom. Failing that a few clamouring groupies and a couch to crash on. He fails to understand Henry’s obsession with animation. Who want’s to be a cartoonist when you could be a rock ’n’ roll hero to millions of teenage girls. But since his talents are limited he needs Henry in his band (although he’d never admit it). Click on image for just Ralph’s strips.


Bok – Brad’s budgie boredom breaker – He has deep insecurities and anxieties and rarely ventures out of the cage. His sole purpose is to give Brad some companionship but he’s not very good at that. Click on image for just Bok’s strips.


Animation Man & Thumbnail Boy – New character’s but surely returning ones. They defend the animation medium and its artistic integrity. Not always capable of the best arguments but can always resort to violence if he’s losing the argument. Click on image for just Animation Man’s strips.