Groundbreaking $h!t –

Brad Bird is really pushing the boundaries of music here. We need visionaries like him to progress the form.

In other news the Kickstarter has 9 days to go and we are definitely struggling to  achieve our target. I’m already making plans for “what if it fails” scenarios and – after a few weeks crying in a corner – there’s a possibility a book would still happen on a much smaller scale. It might get put off for a while though. My enthusiasm for the comic is still high and I think the latest comics are better than ever both writing and drawing wise. I think I’m hitting a consistency with my characters appearance that I was unable to achieve previously. Looking back at the first comics now there is a startling difference and that’s encouraging. At the end of the day my reason’s for doing this are very personal and it continues to be artistically fulfilling so on-wards to victory 🙂