Jack Astro – Suit Up Part One

I’ve been teasing this comic for a while now and I’m so happy to finally start posting it. It’ll update twice a month in 5 page chunks like this, I really dig the long scrolling format and hopefully it’ll be more enjoyable to read than posting a page at a time.

If you’d like to read the whole first issue (33 pages) now, there’s a couple ways for you to do that. I have set up a Patreon page which lets people support me in the making of this comic by pledging $1+ a month. All Patreon backers will receive free download PDF’s of each issue of the comic as they are released. There will be extra content posted regularly and also you’ll get to read the comic NOW instead of waiting for it to unfold on the website.

If you don’t wanna sign up on Patreon I’m offering a PDF download on Gumroad for £1.50.

Jack Astro is going to be a 130 page science fiction comedy comic book. It will be a full story arc that will last a bit over a year posting online. I’ve spent the last two months working full-time on this project and I’m super proud of it. If you enjoy it please help me spread the word and share it with anyone you think you may enjoy it.