Hi, my name is Doug and I make comics and animation. It truly is a passion for me and something that I do regardless of making money. However time is limited and at the moment I peddle my animation skillz on street corners 8 hours a day since I need to eat and support a family!

By becoming a “patron” you can pledge a small amount each month that could make a real difference to how much freelance work I take on. In return you get PDF downloads of advanced content (first PDF is 33 pages) instead of waiting for the story to unfold on the website. Access to my Patreon feed which offers a behind the scenes look at the process of being an independent artist online (you get to see the panic and wild flailing in the dark behind the curtain). And the warm happy feeling of being a patron of the arts!

If you can’t afford to support the comic then don’t underestimate how much you can help by spreading the word about the strip and helping me to find a wider audience who might enjoy it as much as you.

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